The Hub for Competing in Today’s Driver Market

Fleet Intel is an innovative solution designed for carriers to update, analyze, and compare driver pay, benefits, and other offerings. Review the latest information from the trucking industry on current driver pay, benefits and offerings, build custom reports, and analyze the information to help make decisions for your carrier. Your searches come to life with visual aids such as charts and heat maps built and customized by you.

How Does Fleet Intel Work?

Becoming a part of the Fleet Intel community gives you access to the most exclusive carrier comparison tool in the industry. The system keeps your carrier's pay and benefits information in one place, keeping it up-to-date and easy to compare with others in the industry. Our unique ranking system lets you know where your company stands in the industry. With multiple packages, Fleet Intel allows you to invite additional team members to access this data at any time.

  • Build custom reports to analyze the data and information you need
  • Search and compare by state, driver type, or trailer type
  • Visualize your data with charts, histograms, and heat maps
  • Filtered ranking allows you to see how your company stacks up against other carriers
  • Keep your company's pay and benefits information in one easy-to-access system

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